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Can't download everything at once?

If you want to bulk download photos or videos, then you should allow your browser to bulk download files. Otherwise, you will have to download files one at a time.    

How to Copy the URL of an Instagram Post

If you want to copy the URL via your web browser, the process is fairly easy. It won’t take more than one minutes or so. However, you shouldn’t copy something else after this as the link will be lost if you do so.

  • Go to on your favorite web browser
  • Find the video you want to copy its URL
  • Next, tap on the icon with three vertical dots to open the pop-up menu

How to Copy Links on Mobile Devices

The steps are almost the same if you want to use a mobile device to copy a post link. You can still paste it anywhere you want, and chances are you’ll not face any problems while doing so.

  • Open your regular Instagram app and start browsing
  • Find the photo or video you want to copy its link to your clipboard
  • Next, tap on the icon with three vertical dots to open the pop-up menu

Download Instagram posts from our website. High quality, free service, quick search – Isavegrams lets you download feed and convert Instagram video to mp4.

IsaveGrams functions:

  • Download Instagram photos in high quality
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  • Download Instagram stories and IGTV
  • Save Instagram Highlights on your PC / phone
  • Search top Instagram accounts
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You can download Instagram feed on Mac, PC, Phone. Filter Instagram feed to save the best video, photo content, stories, IGTV, Highlights, and profile pictures.



Instagram video downloader

Follow the account you need and choose a video to download. Save the profile’s Instagram video in one click and convert it to mp4.    

Instagram picture downloader

View the profile you follow and click on the post (photo) to download. Simply save the Instagram picture on your device (iOS, Android, Windows are supported). You can also save the profiles picture.    

Instagram stories / IGTV downloader

Type in Instagram user name and then click download button. Select current story or highlights of the page. Click "Save" button to download the story of highlight (or IGTV) on your PC, Phone or Mac.    

Filter Top Instagram hashtags

Isavegrams lets you filter hashtags and follow the top 100 tags to be followed. Generate top tags for your post. Tap on the hashtags to view more related popular hashtags to let your next post a boost it. See top 20 biggest Instagram accounts and top 100 hashtags 2020 of brands, famous personas and trends.    

IsaveGrams Advantages

  • No installation or app download
  • Simple, safe and easy to use
  • Constant tech support

Why IsaveGrams?

  • Share Instagram stories and IGTV on other Platforms
  • No spam or malware. Save amazing stories safely
  • View the stories of a user anonymously

About IsaveGrams:

Isavegrams is a safe online platform you can use to download any Instagram content you like. Instagram lets you share and post pictures, videos, stories and IGTV. Isavegrams converts videos to mp4 for your convenience and lets you download them on your device. The platform supports all types of software.

You don’t have to login or download any programs to grab a post link and download it on your phone. We don’t spam your google account with additional applications or sales pitch to use our platform.

Yu can also select content inside the website. Just see the post you like and save it.

Isavegrams also provides a choice of hashtags to follow. You can filter the content by tags and download it. Hashtags are categorized by theme and popularity. It is easy to find the profile you were looking for and flexible to save as many as you like so you could get back to them later.

Top users page lets you see a library of the most popular accounts so you do not need to look for them. Look through the trending profiles and download their content.



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  • Download funny videos of 2021
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You can always count on our tech support following the contacts page. Get inspired, download the content you like and have fun for free!