Privacy policy

MAIN TERMS AND CONDITIONS (further “the website”) considers the privacy issues applied in the present country very seriously and we take all the responsibility to pay attention to it, as well as to fully respect them according to our possibilities.

The present Privacy Policy describes the main issues of data access, processing, storage, and other procedures performed during the website performance.

The website may process and aggregate the data while the user is performing certain types of actions on the website.

All the processes performed regarding the data privacy fully complies with the Regulation UE 2016/679.


The physical presence on the website, browsing, and performance of certain action usually don’t necessary mean that the data is memories and collected.

It depends on the types of cookies the user applies and on the type of the browser which the user currently runs.

As referred to the Privacy Policy and regulations mentioned above, the website may collect user’s information from the third parties as agreed accordingly.


The website processes all information and above mentioned data solely for the internal use, includ-ing such important purpose as fixing the problems occurring within the website, improving user ex-perience, providing additional support to users, sending newsletter when applicable.

Some marketing purposes can be performed according to the stored data, but all the data is encrypt-ed and anonymous so no non-authorised third-parties can have any access to it.

The website uses improved security services as well as the most updated ways to protect the stored data in order to ensure the maximum level of safety and reliability.


All the operations including such operations as storage are performed with the use of the personal equipment lawfully owned by the website.

All the actions performed by the trained and authorised professional team fully comply with the present Privacy Policy and the required norms of mutual communication respect.


According to the Privacy Code, the party who provide personal data has the number of applied rules, fully described in the mentioned codes and regulations. We fully respect all the rules and comply with them accordingly.

If you want to have more additional information regarding data access, storage, or any other type of actions performed, please send your request in written form.