Report Content

BASIC DEFINITIONS (further “the website”) fully appreciates your active role of collaborating and re-porting inappropriate content, which may seem in certain way abusive.

The word “abusive” has a wide meaning, basically related to causing wrong reaction and/or provid-ing any type of negative attitude causing the violation of the norms of morale rules.

The user has the right to report the so-called “spam” content, too. This is the type of content which is considered inappropriate in certain situation and applied to certain conditions and/or events.

By “user”, we define any subject who uses the website and / or shares the published content.

It is very important to keep the right image of the website, that’s why we pay attention to any con-tent which is reported by the users anytime.


The right way to report any spam or abuse content is to contact our support service immediately.

Alternatively, you can visit the section Contact Us where you can find all the relevant information.


There is no exactly unified form to report any type of above mentioned content.

The best way is to follow these steps:

  1. Once seen the wrong content according to your humble opinion and vision, contact us as men-tioned above or in any other preferable way.
  2. In your application, please provide all the relevant information explaining for what reason the content should be either restricted or deleted form the website.
  3. Such reasons may vary, referring for example for some of the mentioned bellow:
  • violation of moral norms
  • violation of the norms of age, sex, race, etc.
  • inappropriate actions casing wrong impressions
  • spread of narcotic drugs, weapons, etc.

4. Indicate all details, necessary for the report.

After receiving your application report of the inappropriate content, we will restrict it and apply our content rules in order to distinguish its further possibility to be broadcasted or posted.


As the user of the website, you have the ultimate rule to get all the necessary information from our support service.

You can contact us anytime in case you feel some content is irrelevant or might violate any of the rules applied in your country and / or the rules applied to the general understanding of humanity and ethics.

If there is any sense of doubt or uncertainly caused by any type of the published content, feel free to contact us and to ask further information and additional support.