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Top most followed Instagram accounts

Find top Instagram influencers’ profiles to download their content or to follow. Isavegrams analyses and ranks Instagram accounts by authentic engagement and quality audience. Filter Instagram accounts or search top Instagram accounts to see who’s on the most searched list. Visit and follow the best Instagram profiles.

Instagram has around 1 billion active users every month and 500 million daily users which makes it the Top 10 most popular social media app in the world. But what is the most popular profile of the billion listed?

Apart from the Instagram profile itself you may find the most followed pages on Instagram rather familiar:

  • Christiano Ronaldo
  • Selena Gomez
  • Kim Kardashian

The list of the best people to follow on Instagram is no stranger to celebrities. Filter the best Instagram accounts to follow and make your own list. Download the highest rated content: top photos, most viewed videos and stories. Repost, share, download the most popular Instagram accounts to gain followers.



Top Instagram categories with the most followed profiles :

Celebrities: Taylor Swift; Selena Gomez; kylie jenner; Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner .

Bloggers and media personas: Alexa Chung; Julia Hengel; Oscar Cobo; Jenn Im; Ada Oguntodu; Emma Hill; Gregory DelliCarpini Jr.; Alexa Chung.

Fashion: Nike; Victoria’s Secret; Huda Beauty; Chanel; Gucci; Zara.

Food and restaurant brands: Starbucks, Tacobell; Redbull; Chipotle; Krispykreme.

Health and fitness brands: New Balance; Lululemon Athletica; Aloyga; Fabletics; ATHLETA; Under Armour Women.

Decor and interior design brands: Brooke Testoni; Fourth St.; Fables ID; Dunlin; Anne-Laure Mais; Moreau; Selency; BoConcept.

Travel brands: Tripadvisor; Expedia; Musement; GetYourGuide; Viator.

Find the Top followed people on Instagram, download and share their content and gain followers.

You can always make your own list of categories and search for top profiles to gain traffic and followers. Here’s the list of ideas to use:

  • Best creative Instagram accounts
  • Most followed Instagrammers
  • Top real estate Instagram accounts
  • Best Instagram accounts for music lovers
  • Top art Instagram accounts
  • Best party Instagram accounts
  • Best gay Instagram accounts
  • Best spa Instagram accounts
  • Best hot Instagram accounts
  • Best visual Instagram accounts
  • Best finance Instagram accounts
  • Best video accounts on Instagram
  • Best luxury Instagram accounts
  • The Funniest Instagram videos

Share your category or create a hashtag to unite or change your own top list. See other profiles to get inspired.



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Who has the most Instagram followers? Run through the top accounts to see.